About Me

I am a quantum attosecond physicist, I have worked on entanglement, orbital angular momentum, chirality, photoelectron holography, semi-classical model development, quantum optics, machine learning, and more, in processes such as strong-field ionization and high-harmonic generation. I was a postdoctoral fellow at University College London with an EPSRC fellowship in the quantum science and technology institute (UCLQ), where I worked on quantum metrology in attoscience as well as photoelectron holography. After that I worked at ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences investigating entanglement in orbital angular momentum and chirality in attoscience. Most recently I was Fellowship at Aarhus University in Denmark developing ionization models for electronic spin and orbital angular momentum in attoscience.

News and Events

Check out our latest work, now on arXiv, describing a range of improvments to our path-integral strong-field ionization model, including computation of the Maslov index.

We recently put a paper on arXiv showcasing a new model including spin and other relativistic effects in the path-integral model the CQSFA. Here, we show that relativistic effects play a role for rescattered electrons at much lower laster intensites than expected.

See our latest paper on machine learning in strong-field ionization , using convolutional neural networks to characterize the laser field.

See our recent work, recently accepted for publication by Physical Review Letters, detecting chiral molecules by using the orbital angular momentum of photoelectrons ionized by strong laser fields.

We had some work published in Nature Communications demonstrating entanglement between two photoelectrons in non-sequential double ionization, by examining their orbital angular momentum using structured vortex states. Check it out!. See popular summary on ICFO website.